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Fake Oakley Sunglasses Outlet .California-based Oakley is most known for their world-class sunglasses in addition to their sportswear collections. Set on a mission to produce the highest performance sportswear for athletes, the latest additions to their eyewear lineup is no exception.Titled the “Green Fade Collection,” the collection is set to be previewed by Oakley sponsored athletes in Rio during the 2016 Olympics. Comprised of six styles in total, Oakley is bringing back the vibrant green color first featured in their debut 1980 product in a remastered edition with new performance technology. Each pair features the brand’s Prizm Lens, a technology that’s meant to fine-tune vision specifically for sport environments to enhance contrast.Oakley continues to push the eyewear envelope as the brand unveils its latest innovation: the Radar Pace.Oakley Sports Sunglasses. Developed in collaboration with Intel, the smart eyewear features a real-time voice-activated coaching system designed to revolutionize how athletes track and understand performance.As seen in the video below, the Radar Pace interprets data in real time and provides personalized, actionable instruction over the course of a workout, holding athletes accountable to a structured and dynamic training program.Each pair connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, while internal sensors include Acceleromter, Gyroscope, Pressure, Humidity and Proximity. A touch pad located on the left temple allows users to control functions like volume, music and calls with simple taps and swipes.The lens, meanwhile, features the brand’s Prizm Lens Technology which enhances detail to improve performance and provide color-tuning designed for specific environments.Oakley Sunglasses Store Online.